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Submitted on
March 5, 2008
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I am living like I am dying
I am laughing like I am crying
I am letting go, like I am still trying
I am okay like I am not fine
I realize its all in the past like a feeling it could have last,
I think I have moved on like there is nowhere I belong,
I’ve forgotten the meaning of a kiss, like it meant the taste of your lips
I think of sunshine, but I imagine an eclipse.
I know life will bring more, like leaving me behind a closed door,
I'll survive every pain, like dying every night was not a fun game,
I stay awake in sleep, like I have more promises to keep.
I believed every word you said, like beautiful lies didn't exist.
Heartache is only imaginary, like I'm begging for a cure,
its not like you're never happy again, like I can recall the last time I was,
it hurts but its not the end of the world, like there is more to lose?
life is not just about 'love', like love is all there is to life.
I think I'm having split feelings, I think one thing and it means something else in my head. Which you may have realized after reading this through.
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RainySkyz Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009   Writer
Very nice. And I sympathize, in past years of loving... thinking one thing (or more)... feeling another (and then some)... wondering why (and why not)... and when will it cease (but fearing what left will there be)... another choice (of life over death)... life taking precedence (of course, because it can)... walking, talking, plodding through... (to?)... wherever it was meant to take, me....

Or that is what I heard, in my own heart.

Your lovely poem.
dwine Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009
thanks =) it feels great to know that someone not only gets but has also felt this way
night-reader Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2009   Writer
i like how you wrote is evrything but horrible and it symbolizes all the difficulties of life.
Audryrose Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
This is just how I feel. Like what does it matter we're going to just die one day anyway. Why make our bed, brush our teeth, take a shower. What's the point. When I do live it's in my mind in my memories. I don't have the strength to work hard enough to go back there. Does that make any sense. I had a dream last night that I was in my old house the one I lived in when I was a little girl, I cried & cried. Wonder if that means something.
dwine Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2008
this too ... shall pass..
Dtee-Sawk Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
Yeah I really think this is so true. To so many,love teaches you that there arent
really opposites,just... Parallels?
Different things dont conflict,theyre right beside each other,and often you can feel them both,leaving such...inertia... you think?

I wrote some love stuff,check it out if you like :)
melovesnowflake Featured By Owner May 7, 2008
this is's weird how we can feel those all those things at the same time....this brought tears to my eyes.
dwine Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
i'm sorry but if it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one who has that story
melovesnowflake Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
it's everyone i least once or who knows how many times...
wonderful, as always.
rather thought prevocing, well on my part anyway.
you feel the emotional unbalance of your thoughts tho. very loverly <3
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